It's time to get real about equity and empowerment.

Who's walking the walk? Many schools, districts, and local governments talk a good game when it comes to diversity, equity, and inclusion, but what's really working for our students? Hear the stories about which schools are really succeeding in developing inclusive environments and which ones are struggling to make the grade. We shine a bright light on inequity and celebrate all progress and wins along the way. 

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  • The Backlash to the Backlash against Black History

    Mark R. Lowery

    When high school students in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, were allegedly told they couldn’t discuss slavery and civil rights during a Black History Month program because it made an administrator...

  • EXPLAINED: The Truth About Critical Race Theory and How It Shows Up in Your Child’s Classroom

    Ed Post Staff

    What is critical race theory? Critical race theory (sometimes abbreviated to CRT) is an intellectual approach to looking at U.S. society with a belief that racism is at the core of its laws and...

  • A Leaky Pipeline Loses Teachers of Color

    Ed Post Staff

    Despite the benefits of a diverse teaching force, prospective teachers of color fall out of our leaky preparation pipeline at every stage: preparation, hiring, induction and retention. Here’s what...